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Testosterone -  It's Not Just for Men

We tend to think of testosterone as the male hormone and estradiol as the female hormone.  In realtiy, men and women have both these hormones.  Testosterone serves the same purpose in both men and woman.  Although it is generally thought of as an "anabolic" steroid (muscle building), there are other steriods that are more potent in that regard.

  • One of the most important functions of testosterone is on the brain.  And the most common side effect of lack of testosterone is depression.  This is most commonly in the form of social isolationzation.  You just don't want to be around people or particiopate in things you previously enjoyed.  Men particulary also tend to be quick to anger.  Minor irritations turn into fits of anger.

Testosterone improves energy.  It does so in several ways.  One is simply with the lack of depression, people are more motivated to accomplish tasks.  Exercise is more enjoyable because you can recover quicker and are more likely to see results from your exercise (i.e., the ability to add muscle mass).

Testosterone also improves sex drive and libido.  Many men will see improvement or resolution of erectile dysfunction.  

Testosterone can not be taken orally.  We generally see the best resutls with a simple, painless (really) intramuscular inject (most common for men), or a subcutanous pellet (most common for women).  Testosterone is safe to use at normal, physiological levels, but left unmonitored it can cause problems.  It should only be administrered my trained, experienced physicians to assure optimal benefits.


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