Metabolic Code

What is the "Metabolic Code"?

This term was originally coined to describe the various factors that influence our metabolism (our body's chemistry).  Why do some people never have weight problems and others are constantly fighting the batlle of the bulge?  

They are broken down into "Triads"

  • Energy -
    • Adrenal gland - the stress response
    • Thyroid gland - the regulator of metobolic rate
    • Pancreas - the release of insulin and control of blood surgar
  • Resilency
    • Gut - your body's ability to absorb / process nutrients
    • Immune - your body's ability to fight off intruders, but not cause unnecessary inflammation
    • Brain - your body's control of mood / happiness
  • Endurance
    • Cardiovascular - heart function and peripheral circulation
    • Pulmonary - respiratory exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
    • Neurovascular - the central nervous system is the organ system requiring the most oxygen
  • Detoxification
    • Liver - where toxins are processed for elimination
    • Lymph - a vascular system where toxins are gathered 
    • Kidney - one of the bodies main excreatory organs (along with the colon and skin)
  • Potency
    • Testostereone - vitality, energy, well being
    • Estrogen - bone health,night sweats, mental clarity (lack of 'brain fog")
    • Progesterone - balances estrogen, reduces anxiety, helps sleep

By using a symptom questionaire along with some basic objective data (height, weight, blood pressure, pH), a picture of your individual "metobolic code" is created.  Each "Triad" is ranked to allow the most important Triad to be addressed.  An indiivdualized treatment plan is created for each patient.  This simple, initial first step can be supplemented with blood and urine testing with the original evaluation, or at anytime in the future.

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