Intravenous Nutrition

Intravenous Nutrition

Nothing is more vital to wellness, weight loss and healthy aging than good nutrition.

“A day doesn’t go by without one of my patients asking what’s the secret to wellness? Two words I whisper, good nutrition.”
Elbridge Bills, MD, FACOG, Alliance Founder

At Alliance Wellness & Weight Loss, we believe good nutrition is the key to wellness, optimal health, youthful aging, and virtually guarantees weight management.

That’s why we offer nutritional testing services to identify extremes and deficiencies in our patients’ food consumption patterns. This information is used to help them plan smarter, healthier meals for themselves and their family.

We take the time to counsel our patients on practicing good nutrition habits, like consuming calories early in the day as opposed to late at night, avoiding large amounts of starches and substituting fruit for sweets.

We also believe vitamins play a crucial role in good nutrition and staying healthy, and that’s why we are strong advocates of CustomVite® vitamins. This is an oral, daily vitamin program based on your size, weight and health history. A personallzed nutritional profile can be created by a Spectracell evalution of your current nutrient state.

Through CustomVite, we provide you with an excellent supplement to your nutritional plan, one that’s as individual as your fingerprint.

Our goal, as always, is to help you develop a healthier eating lifestyle during your weight loss program, and forever after.


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