Here are the answers to some of the most-asked questions about wellness, weight loss, and aging.

How do you define wellness?
At Alliance Wellness & Weight Loss, we define wellness, and optimal health, as being physiological, metabolically and hormonally in balance. Only when these three components are “in synch”, in healthy symmetry, can you truly and successfully cope with the stresses and strains of modern life?

What is the most effective way to achieve “balanced wellness”?
It’s through a combination of optimizing hormone function with bio-identical hormones, optimizing nutrition with proper diet and nutritional supplements, and ridding your body of environmental toxins by both reducing exposures to them and removing them from your body.

What is the most healthy weight loss program?
We believe it’s a program that’s not painful. Diets don’t work because they’re painful and hard, hard on your body and hard to include in your life. With the Balanced Weight Loss Program, you feel good, energetic and healthy as you lose weight. And the program is proven -- it’s over 10 times more effective than Weight Watchers or NutriSystems.

How is the Balanced Weight Loss Program different?
One of the biggest differences is that it employs FDA approved weight loss medications. It also combines the use of medications with a very well designed and complete eating plan for initial weight loss, as well as an eating plan for maintenance and additional nutritional support.

What about the "HCG Diet"?
Alliance Wellness and Weight Loss does offer the "HCG Diet."  The HCG diet is medically referred to as a "very low calorie diet" or VLCD.  The problem with VLCD's is the proportion of muscle mass that is lost.  The HCG component minimizes that loss, but only for a short period of time.  We recommend limiting the HCG diet to 30 days (after 42 days the muscle loss with begin to increase quickly).  VLCD's are typically used to "jumpstart" a healthy weight loss program or can be used at times of a plateau.  

Are the program’s medications safe?
When used properly they are very safe, and we believe this program helps them to be even safer by supplying some of the nutrients that are depleted more rapidly as a result of the medications. This program offers weight loss medications, if appropriate, and gives additional nutrition support, which not only helps people feel better while on the program, it’s also very important for long-term health.

Do I have to take prescription medication for this program to work?
No, we have developed a non-prescription alternative that uses supplements designed to suppress cravings and hunger that has worked very well.

How successful is the Balanced Weight Loss Program?
Statistics gathered through one million doctor visits show the program is 10 times more effective than the average success rate of Weight Watchers and NutriSystems, six times more effective than liquid meal replacement low-calorie doctor supervised programs.

What are Bio-Identical Hormones?
Bio-Identical Hormones are made from plant sterols and are identical in structure to your body’s own innate hormones. They are exact replicas of your hormones and are used to treat hormone imbalances. They are completely different in form and function from typical synthetic hormones such as Premarin, Provera, birth control pills and others.

What are Testosterone Pellets or Pellet Therapy?
Testoserone pellets were originally created in 1938. They are FDA approved under the trade name Testopel.  They are a safe effect method of testosterone supplementation.  The are bigger than a grain of rice, but smaller than a Tic-Tac.  They generally last three months.  They are inserted in the subcutanous fat of the buttocks under local anesthesia.  It is essentially a glorified "shot in the butt." Dr. Bills has inserted over a thousand pellets with wonderful success.

Can the aging process truly be affected, slowed down even?
The aging process can be slowed down by optimizing your health. We want our lives to be fulfilling. What is the point of living to age 100 if you are demented in a nursing home? With hormonal and nutritional optimization we can maintain an active, enjoyable life well into our 80s and beyond.

What is the secret to youthful aging?
The secret is all about nutrition and lifestyle choices. At Alliance Wellness & Weight Loss we’re here to provide you the tools – with education, lifestyle coaching, exercise counseling, and nutritional and hormonal optimization to create a more youthful and energetic you.

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