Welcome to Alliance Wellness & Weight Loss

Alliance Wellness & Weight Loss specializes in uncovering, unlocking and understanding the root cause of your health, weight or aging issue.

Our founder, Board Certified, Atlanta Anti-Aging specialist Dr. Elbridge Bills, leads a team of wellness and weight management experts. People who care.

This alliance goes beyond normal tests and procedures, beyond the latest fad diets and anti-aging agents. Together, we discover the true cause of your issue. We isolate, investigate and evaluate numerous possibilities, from hormonal and metabolic imbalances to nutritional and glandular insufficiencies.

Then we design a program that works for you. It’s an alliance of answers, the coming together of hope, healing and health. The result? Optimum wellness. Painless weight loss. Ageless answers. Along with weight loss, we offer services like wellness programs, testosterone therapy, bioidentical hormore replacement therapy, intravenous nutrition and more! You can read more about the services our clinic offers on our blog.

Enjoy Optimum Wellness and Painless Weight Loss

Discover Atlanta’s alliance of caring, physician-led wellness and weight loss experts dedicated to discovering the true cause of your health issue.

  • Are you tired, moody, irritable, depressed, yet the usual tests say you’re fine?
  • Do you endure endless, painful diets, yet can’t maintain your desired weight?
  • Have you aged beyond your years, yet nothing you do or use seems to help?
  • Then you’ve come to the right people, place, and program.

“If you have a weight problem, believe me, I can relate. After I became a new dad with the birth of my two sons I was happy, but fat. I tried to lose weight many times but it kept coming back, faster than ever.”

- Elbridge Bills, MD, FACOG, Alliance Founder